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NuTone 9093WH Replacement Heater Motor 69355000 and Parts

NuTone 9093wh

NuTone 69355000 Heater Motor Assembly

The 9093WH Heater/Fan/Light/Nightlight is a very popular NuTone ventilation product.

This is a very common replacement heat motor assembly.  This replacement heat motor assembly works with the following NuTone Broan Heater models:

  • 9013
  • 9013N
  • 9013NL
  • 9093AB
  • 9093BR
  • 9093CH
  • 9093FWH
  • 9093WH
  • 9113
  • 9113N
  • 9605
  • 9660

For more information call 1-727-527-8818

To purchase the 69355000 Heater Motor Assembly look HERE

For the Heater Motor Only, Visit HERE

NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat Vent Light Replacement Motor and Parts

NuTone 9093wh

The NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat/Vent/Light

This is by far our most popular NuTone bath fan or heater.  NuTone has been making the 9093 line for many years.  There have been improvements to this NuTone 9093 model bath fan over the years.  It is truly a tested and proved unit.

All parts are still available for purchase.  The 9093WH is a great choice and with so many parts still available you can always repair your old one.  


For questions please call: 1-727-527-8818


  • If you have ever considered purchasing a heater for your bathroom, look no further.  The Nutone 9093WH Combination Bath Fan-Forced Heater, Ventilator, and Ceiling Light provides comfort, convenience, and long-lasting dependability.
  • The 9093WH deluxe heat vent light has a center fugal blower that will force the heat through the air evenly.
  • The bath fan offers thermal protection with an automatic reset. 
  • Expansion-type hanger bars for joists up to 24" o.c.; mounting brackets adjust for up to 3⁄4" plaster thickness.
  • Detachable junction box features three (3) wiring knockouts.
  • NuTone offers this 9093WH fan in an energy efficient fluorescent unit as well – The NuTone model 9093FWH. Uses 26 watt Nema Type CFM26W/GX24D/827 fluorescent lamp. Light output equal to 100 watt incandescent (1,800 lumens). Other units use one (1) standard 100 wall bulb. Purchase bulbs locally.  
  • All units include night light feature – 0ne (1) 7 watt bulb (not included). 
  • Connects to standard 4" round duct. 
  • Wall switch with separate on/off controls for all four functions is included with each unit. Or, may be used with any standard in-line thermostat to control the heat cycle.

NuTone 8814R Bath Fan Motor Replacement S97017706


NuTone Bath Fan Vent Model 8814R Replacement Motor S97017706

Replacement Motor Assemblies are available HERE

The S97017706 Motor Assembly is very easy to install. It's simply a matter of removing the grill, unplugging the existing assembly, and installing the new.

This motor assembly works with the following NuTone/Broan Ventilation Fan models:

  • 8814R
  • 8664RP

This motor assembly works with both the A and B unit.

For more information, call 1-727-527-8818.


To See All Replacement Parts For Your 8814R, VISIT HERE.

NuTone 8664RP Bath Fan Replacement Motor and Parts S97017706


NuTone Bath Fan Vent Model 8664RP Replacement Motor S97017706

*The NuTone 8664RP Bath Ventilation Fan & Light has been discontinued by Broan-NuTone Corp. Replacement parts and supplies are still available. To see the full list of available repair parts, VISIT HERE.

NuTone 8664RP Facts & Features

  • 100 CFM to quietly ventilate baths up to 95sq. ft.
  • 100W ceiling light.
  • UL listed for use in tub/shower with GFI branch circuit wiring. 

Nutone_8010_2The 97017706 motor assembly works with the following NuTone/Broan Ventilation Fan models:

  • 8814R
  • 8664RP

This motor works with both the A and B unit.

Buy The 8664RP Replacement Motor Assembly HERE

For more information call 1-727-527-8818.





NuTone 8664RP Bath Fan Light


NuTone Bath Fan Vent Model 8664RP

Replacement motors are available HERE

NuTone 8664RP Facts & Features

  • 100W Ceiling Light
  • Housing Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 6" with a 4" diameter duct.
  • 100CFM
  • 3.5 Sones
  • 15" Diameter Grille
  • 9-3/4" Diameter Reflector
  • 9-3/8" Frosted Glass Lens
  • 7W night-light - a great convenience bulb not included
  • Warranty: 1 Year


The NuTone 8664RP was a very popular bath ventilation fan. It has since been discontinued by Broan-NuTone, but replacement and update parts are still available. You can see the full list of available parts HERE. For more information call 1-727-527-8818.

You can also look here for more information on the NuTone 8664RP fan unit.