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NuTone Ventilation Fan Motor Replacement by Model Series

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NuTone 744NT Recessed Fan/Light

It used to be that ventilation fans were strictly utilitarian. But today's Broan-NuTone bath fans are more than just a practical solution for your ventilation needs. They're also a stylish design element!

Recessed lighting is a popular choice in today's homes thanks to its sleek and seamless look. Many homeowners are choosing to install recessed lighting in kitchens and baths for both primary and accent lighting. But NuTone's trendsetting designers added another element by incorporating powerful ventilation, too.

The NuTone 744NT Recessed Fan/Light will blend in with other recessed lights or disappear into the ceiling on its own. And while looking stylish, the 744NT will safely control the humidity in your bathroom preventing mold and mildew. It's also great in the kitchen, mudroom, or basement!

You can vent the NuTone 744NT Recessed Fan/Light through a roof or wall. Additionally, the 744NT motor is easy to maintain and replace thanks to its innovative design. The motor is simply plugged into an outlet as opposed to older models requiring hard-wiring. This allows the motor to be removed quickly and without any fuss! It's also permanently lubricated to you won't need to hassle with oiling the machine on a routine basis.


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Benefits and Features of the NuTone 744NT Recessed Fan/Light: 

  • High-efficiency centrifugal fan delivers 70 CFM, 1.5 Sones
  • Trim matched to designs of major recessed light manufacturers.
  • Multiple units can easily be used in larger rooms.
  • Uses a 75-watt bulb
  • 6-7/8" high housing appropriate for new construction and 2" x 8" ceiling joists.
  • 4" round duct connector.
  • Not for use over cooking surfaces.
  • Optional wall control switches available.
  • UL Listed for use over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI protected branch circuit.

Take a look at our helpful installation guide!

Replacement Parts Available for the NuTone 744NT Decorative Fan/Light:

The motor is designed for continuous operation without lubrication making it extremely easy to maintain. If the motor starts making excess noise, replace the motor assembly for a practically brand new fan.

If energy efficiency is important to you, take a look at the NuTone 744FLNT Recessed Fan/Light With Energy Star Rating