NuTone VL3668RMBR Replacement Motor Assembly: S97017705
NuTone K4181000 Replacement Grille and Lens Assembly: 85315000

How To Replace or Repair My NuTone Bath Ventilation Fan

We receive so many calls and emails regarding how to replace or repair a Broan-NuTone bath vent fan. Many of our customers call in with the measurements of their grill cover or housing unit hoping to find replacement parts.

Please Note: It is NOT advisable to order a part based on measurements alone!

Broan-NuTone manufactures over 200 models of bath fans, many sharing similar or identical dimensions. However, there will be different nuances between models. 

Most importantly, purchasing a replacement grill cover that is not the correct part for your model will VOID THE UL LISTING FOR THE BATH FAN

This means, in the unfortunate event that the unit causes a fire, your home owners insurance can find you negligent and, thus, not cover your claim. Yikes!

So what is the best way to find replacement parts or updated models for your current bath fan? Start first by finding the correct model number.

Here's a video to help you locate it:


If you're looking to replace a bath fan motor's a video to help you find the model number on your motor. Remember, Broan-NuTone makes so many different models, you must choose the correct part for your fan to avoid serious issues.


Model numbers can be used to search our site for parts and replacements.

For example, the first video demonstrates a model number of 655-C. Using our easy search bar...

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.48.44 AM

...enter 655C and select SEARCH to find the replacement parts we offer. And if you still need help, call our toll-free number to speak with an associate to guide you through the steps at 1-727-527-8818. We're ready to help you with your project!