How To Replace or Repair My NuTone Bath Ventilation Fan
NuTone VF305CN Replacement Ventilation Fan Lens: 89108000

NuTone K4181000 Replacement Grille and Lens Assembly: 85315000

Replacing The Grill & Lens On Your Broan-NuTone Bath Fan? 

Look no further for your replacement part! You can be sure the NuTone 85315000 Grille and Lens Assembly is the correct part for your existing Broan-Nutone K4181000 vent fan grill cover. For many bath fan owners, the grill cover glass is one of the first things to show age. Yellowing or damage to the lens is common and it's a simple and inexpensive fix that can really make an impact. Installation is easy and the experts at Central Vacuum Stores are just a phone call away. For personal help with your purchase and installation, call 1-727-527-8818.


Dimensions: 12-1/4" x 10-3/4" X 1-3/4"

Installing the 85315000 Assembly is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the existing grille and lens.
  2. Remove the light bulb and reflector. The reflector is held in place by one single wing nut.
  3. Once the reflector has been removed, hold the new grille without the lens installed to the ceiling. Replace the reflector and attach the wing nut. This reflector will hold the grille in place.
  4. Install the lens.

If your existing bath fan grill cover and lens are a series K4181000, the NuTone 85315000 Grille and Lens Assembly is the replacement for your assembly. You can also confirm that your model number is listed below:

  • 663
  • 663N
  • 663FL
  • 663L
  • 663LN
  • 669L
  • 669LN
  • 669FN
  • 763RL
  • 763RLN
  • 769RL
  • 769RLN
  • 769RF
  • 769RFT
  • 770F
  • V769RF
  • VF305CN
  • VF307CN
  • VF705RCN
  • VF707RCN

NOTE - If you have a model 663 and 669 series fan, this is not an exact replacement, but it is the only option available from NuTone. The only difference is in the installation. Many of the original style grille's were attached with springs while this grille is held in place with the reflector. Follow the above installation steps.

Not Sure About Your Model Number? We've Got A Video For That!


Why Is Maintaining Your Ventilation Fan Important?

Bathroom humidity can be more than just annoying. Excess moisture can cause peeling wallpaper, damaged paint, rusted hardware, or worse, mold and mildew. Most bathrooms lack ventilation options like windows or ceiling fans so stinky odors and humid air will simply sit stagnant. Gross.

Central Vacuum Stores has long been a distinguished Broan-NuTone dealer, retailing their superior line of products for over thirty years. NuTone, founded in America’s midwest, made their first ventilation fan in 1932 during the Great Depression. Since then, it’s been the uncontested leader in residential and commercial ventilation products worldwide.

Ventilation fans have come a long way since NuTone’s start. Today’s fans include humidity sensing auto-start, Eco-Friendly EnergyStar Qualified options, heating elements for those winter nights, decorative lighting, and more. Shop all Broan-NuTone fan products HERE.

Time For An Upgrade, Looking For Parts?

If you currently have a bath fan installed in your home, chances are it’s a Broan-NuTone. Central Vacuum Stores carries a full line of replacement parts and upgraded models to assist you in any renovation. So if it is time to update a noisy motor or dated ventilation grill, shop our products. We even feature installation help to see you through your project.