Broan Trash Compactors

Benefits of Broan Trash Compactors

Broan 15WT Wood Overlay Door with Odor Control

A custom home can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perhaps it's the dream estate you're in the process of building or your lifelong family bungalow you've been renovating for years. Whatever the case, a home designed around your needs can be one of life's true pleasures. 

When renovating, remodeling, or building your custom kitchen, consider adding a trash and recycling compactor to add ease and organization to your daily routine. 

Central Vacuum Stores sells a full line of Broan trash compactors with a variety of features. Choose from different finishes, odor neutralizing, optional cabinet & tile overlay, and auto delay functionality. 

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What are the benefits of a trash compactor?

Saving money!   

Using a trash compactor allows your trash to be just that...compact! By filling each bag to it's capacity, no matter what bulky item you place within, you'll change the bag less often, saving money.

Saving time!

Fewer trips out to the trash can be a real incentive for homeowners who live in condominiums or townhomes. Often, these residents have community trash bins located in distant areas of the neighborhood. 

Environmentally friendly!

Many of us are looking to live "Greener" lifestyles and kitchen appliances are a great way to start. A trash compactor is just as important as choosing an energy efficient refrigerator. By using fewer trash bags, you're saving unnecessary plastic waste from ending up in landfills.

Efficient Recycling!   

A reliable compactor isn't just intended for trash. It's also a great solution for your plastic and aluminum recycling. Fit more recycling in those small bins and efficiently do your part to protect our planet.

Unmatched Odor Control!

Broan's patented odor control disk

Trash compactors come with a variety of features but perhaps the most popular is the odor control. Unlike standard trash cans, Broan Elite trash compactors use an exclusive six-month odor control and neutralizing system. Rotate the dial once a month and a fresh segment is ready to work.

These replaceable disks are easy to use and a real life-saver for a busy family.

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